Daisy Mmabatho Molefhi

Position in the Committee:  Member

Contact info:

email add: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Current employer

Position:  Executive Director
Organization Name: ABM University College

Previous employers

Position:  Teacher
Organization Name:  Botswana Government – Ministry of Education

Position:  General Manager
Organization Name:  Petadco Paper Products

Education and training


Degree(s):  Diploma Secondary Education – Major- Agriculture (University of Swaziland)
Diploma in Business Administration
Certificate in Business Consultancy
Certificate in Training of Trainers (UB/ILO)

Graduate/ Professional Schools

Degree(s):  Msc Strategic Management
Majors(s):  Strategy
Institution, Name and City:  University of Derby

Career Statement (Career, history and highlights)3-5 lines

Over two decades of hands on experience in Education.Served in several National Boards and Committees in the areas of business education, training and consultancy and these include BOTA, BOCODOL, TEC, and BAPTEP. Currently the Vice President of Botswana Confederation of Commerce Industry and Manpower (BOCCIM), a Private Sector umbrella body. Also the Coordinator of the BOCCIM Education Sector. Member of the Association of Business Consultants of Botswana (ABCB).

What attracted you to BAPTEP Board/ Executive?

The desire to be part of a sector based professional forum and to network with professionals in my field of interest.

Brief personal history (Family and hobbies)

A wife and mother blessed with 4 children;  one girl and 3 boys